12 Culinary Herbs for the Flower Garden

Growing herbs in your garden is a great way to add freshness and flavor to your cooking. Fresh herbs in your diet deliver many health benefits and can elevate recipes to new heights! Many gardeners choose to grow culinary herbs in their vegetable garden, however not all plants are well suited to this design. To save space in your herb garden and take advantage of beautiful blooms, these 12 culinary herbs are perfect additions to flower garden beds.


Wildflower Cottage Garden Design

Designing a wildflower cottage garden can turn an otherwise wasted yard space into an oasis of blossoms. Wildflowers provide a safe haven for pollinators and wildlife while bringing joy to all who look upon them. With minimal effort, you can plant a wildflower patch this year to enjoy for generations to come.

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The Bare Soil Dilemma

Do you eat food? Do live on planet Earth? Then this is for you! Find out how the way we grow our food is destroying soil and turning fertile land to dust. Join the soil revolution!


Companion Planting: Cracking the Code

Have you ever looked at lists of companion plants and wondered why? Why are these certain plants good companions? What makes them go well together? And most importantly, is there a way to implement companion planting without cross referencing lists in multiple books and websites? The answer is yes, you can gain a deeper understanding of companion planting, and this will make it easier and quicker for you to plan vegetable garden layouts.