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The Ultimate List of Homesteading Skills!

Here it is, a comprehensive list of homesteading skills to inspire both newbie homesteaders and masters of their craft improve and expand their knowledge.

No one person can master all of these skills. Homesteading isn’t about blazing a trail through the wilderness alone, it’s about being self-sufficient while still being part of a like-minded community. We can strive to live off the grid, but we still have an innate need to be connected with those around us.

Always take on learning new skills one at a time, it’s a process that takes years and even a lifetime of learning. An astute homesteader should acquire a library that covers as many of these topics as possible.




Culinary Skills

Sheep in silvopasture

Raising Livestock

Handy man working


Knitting needles and yarn


foraged mushrooms in baskets

Survival Skills



  • Leadership
  • Bartering and trading
  • Sustainable living
  • Teaching
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Spirituality
  • Organizational skills
  • Networking and community involvement

More Ideas?

Which homesteading skills are important to you? Leave a comment below and share your ideas!

The ultimate list of homesteading skills

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Homesteading Skills!”

  1. I think everybit of this info. Is God sent, as soo many of us have no clue how hard it really is to survive esp. In city communities. This kind of information is gonna b priceless one day and that day is coming.
    Thanks for putting it all in one place. Thanks for all of the research and many countless hours itvtook to do so. God Bless U.

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