Garden Design and Planning Tool

Garden Design and Planning Tool

I am so excited to introduce this product! After many months of development, I have created a garden planner that actually gives users complete control over their garden design, planting schedule, and record keeping!

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Plan your garden like a pro!

Are you an expert gardener or a beginner? With this planner it doesn’t matter! There are features for every skill level.

For Beginners

When you’re first starting out gardening, the hardest part can be determining how to layout your garden and when to plant what. This planner is pre-formatted with all the information you need to determine plant spacing, companion planting, how and when to sow each crop and how to schedule planting and harvesting dates. This will save you hours of research and give you the confidence of an experienced gardener!

For Experts

When you’ve been gardening for many years, you know the importance of planning and record keeping. This versatile tool has advanced planning features to help you function like a professional. Keep track of propagation trays, keep germination and planting records, create a succession planting schedule, even track sales and inventory for your nursery or farmer’s market stand.

What you get . . .

A beautifully formatted Excel file and PDF with printable worksheets including:

  • A vast plant library with plant profiles on each type of crop including: sowing instructions, companion planting, pests and diseases. Reference charts for growing zones, soil acidity, plant families, crop rotation, and more . . .
  • Record keeping logs for garden tracking, starting seeds, harvesting, soil amendments, plant research, food preservation, inventory and expenses.
  • An interactive tool to map and space plan infinite garden or greenhouse layouts with adjustable plants, garden bed components and labels.
  • An easy to use, customizable garden calendar that allows you to schedule dates for sowing, transplanting, succession planting, and harvesting each crop.
  • A garden journal, todo lists, chore schedule, and long term project planner.
  • A printable PDF version of everything for those who prefer to draw or write by hand.
  • No subscriptions or other ongoing fees with the ability to use again year after year!

Get the Garden Design and Planning Tool Here!

What does it do?

Using Microsoft Excel Software, this garden planner provides an all-inclusive space to organize all your gardening information and ideas. With 15 pre-formatted worksheets and over 32 pages of printable information, you won’t lose track of any steps involved in planning, planting, tending, and harvesting your garden plants.

When they are printed, the planner sheets fit perfectly in a binder so you can take it right out to the greenhouse or garden with you. Take notes and record plant information on the spot while tending the garden!

Why this planner is different?

Printable garden planning sheets don’t offer enough detail, nor do they give you the ability to edit your work. On the other hand, garden planning websites and apps have a lot of stored plant information, but don’t allow the user to customize or add specific design details tailored to the project.

This planner does all this and more. The only computer skills needed to operate this planner are the ability to type, copy and paste. Previous Excel experience is not required. There are additional instructions, examples and tips throughout each section to help guide you and ensure you get the most out of this powerful tool.
There is also a PDF version of every worksheet that is printable. If you prefer to do your garden planning with pencils or markers, you can print the pdf and fill it out by hand.

Get the Garden Design and Planning Tool Here!

Why Use Excel?

Microsoft Excel is ideal for a garden planner because it allows you to organize and save multiple worksheets of information in one file. You can then save a new copy every year and look back at what worked or didn’t work from the previous season.

Since Excel uses cells or “boxes”, it works perfectly for mapping square feet in a garden space. You also have the ability to draw and move custom shapes around to create a diagram of all the components in your garden and label them!

This planner also uses Excel formulas to take the information you enter and calculate germination rates, expenses, and inventory. All the formatting and set up has been done for you, so all you have to do is imagine and build the garden of your dreams.

Get the Garden Design and Planning Tool Here!

Can you plan flower beds, greenhouses or orchards?

Absolutely! Since this planner allows you to create custom labels for all your garden bed components, you can create layouts for flowers, herbs, shrubs, berry bushes and fruit trees. There is complete flexibility and freedom for the designer. Customize the size, shape and label for any plant.

Track seed starting and planting, create plant profiles, plan long term landscaping projects and map layouts and designs for any cultivar you choose.

What worksheets are included?

  • Seed Record
  • Propagation Tray Planning Diagram
  • Garden Record
  • Garden Design and Layout
  • Planting Scheduler Tool
  • Maintenance Record
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Chore Calendar
  • Monthly Chore Calendar
  • Long Term Project Planner
  • Journal
  • Harvest Management
  • Expenses
  • Plant Profile Research
  • Plant Library
  • Companion Planting, Pests and Diseases
  • Reference Charts

Get the Garden Design and Planning Tool Here!

Need help after purchase?

The great thing about purchasing this planner through my blog is that you can contact me, the product designer, directly. Just visit my Contact Me page and send me a message. I would be happy to help resolve any issues or questions.

I hope you enjoy using this garden planner!

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