Most Wished for Gardening Accessories!

Looking for an amazing gift for the gardener in your life? Well, look no further. No matter your budget or style, you will find gardening accessories here to fit your needs. Take a look at these innovative and functional accessories every gardenista wishes she could get her hands on. Save these gardening gift ideas for your next Mother’s Day, birthday or special occasion wishlist!
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Under $25

Tunnel Garden Cloche

Fleece Tunnel Cover Garden Cloche

Garden tunnel covers can be brought out seasonally to protect plants from frost, harsh weather, animals and pests.  They are lightweight and portable offering plants added insulation and warmth.  Sunlight and moisture can still pass thru, so they can be left on for extended periods.  They can also act as a cold frame to extend the growing season.

Berry Picker

Berry Picker Garden Tool
A berry picker can save gardeners hours by cutting picking time in half. It is gentle on the plants and protects the gardener from thorns and scratching branches. With its inner trap, it keeps your berries safe from accidental dropping and holds up to 900 berries. It works well with blueberries, huckleberries, elderberries, currants, lingonberries, cloudberries, and blackberries.

Chinese Scissors

Garden Scissors
Forget the garden shears, these things are razor sharp and extremely versatile.

Garden Hand Tools

Garden Hand Tools Set
Investing in a heavy duty set of garden tools can save a lot of time and labor.  The strength and durability of metal is crucial to keep the tools from bending when trying to pry up stubborn roots or break through tough clay soil. This set of garden hand tools even has measurements etched into the metal to quickly measure seed planting depth and spacing.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Old Farmer's Almanac 2020 Book

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been a faithful companion for studious farmers and gardeners for 228 years! It features gardening advice, recipes, weather forecasts, folklore, husbandry, medicinal remedies and trends. There is always new information in every issue.

Long Sleeve Garden Gloves

Long Sleeve Garden Gloves

Why don’t they make them all with long sleeves? Garden gloves that protect both your hands and forearms from scratches are a must for any gardener.

Self Watering Hanging Baskets

Hanging basket self watering

I don’t know about you, but I always forget to water my pots and hanging baskets.  These innovative hanging baskets have an inner pot that allows a water reservoir to sit below the soil, preventing over and under watering.

Soil pH Tester

Soil pH Test Meter

A soil test meter can shed light on growing conditions in different areas around the garden.  It can sense light, moisture and soil pH to give the gardener solutions to nutrient deficiencies in the soil.  A valuable tool to solving issues with plant growth.

Garden Colander

Garden Colander 2

Make harvesting produce simple with a garden colander. Take it out to the garden to gather fruit and veggies, then pop it right in the sink to wash them.

Seed Variety Pack

Seed Pack

Give the gift of flowers to pollinators and wildlife with a wildflower seed variety pack or start a medicinal garden with a collection of herbal medicine seeds. A homestead seed bank can be saved in long term storage for an emergency or used to start a vegetable garden this year!

Garden Sieve

Garden Sieve

A garden sieve can be used to sift both soil and seeds. Using different sized screens to separate seeds from their flowers or fruit can save hours of time from hand picking seeds. Use it to separate gravel or rocks in soil or separate finished compost from larger pieces that can be added back to the compost pile. Here is a garden sieve with interchangeable screens and here is a one-piece galvanized sifter screen.
Galvanized Compost Sifter


Sun Hat

Sun Hat

Keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your skin from harmful UV rays with this wide brim straw sun hat!

Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation KitDrip Irrigation Kit Breakdown

Stop wasting water and time on sprinklers and sprayers and switch to drip irrigation. It provides plants with slow consistent watering which can greatly increase their growth and productivity. You can purchase a drip irrigation kit that has everything you need to get set up, along with instructions.

Metal Storage Container with Lid

6 Gallon Metal Bucket with Lid and dirt (2)
Having a place to store soil or other growing medium is a must for any gardener.  These 6 gallon steel bins can hold up to 35 pounds and are completely water tight and weather resistant. Pair with a stainless steel soil scoop to make potting quick and easy!

Potting Tray

Potting tray for soil and seedlings
Its hard not to be messy when you’re moving dirt from containers to pots.  Having a workspace that’s easy to clean is such a time saver.  This easy potting tray is made from recycled polypropylene so you can feel good about your environmental impact at the same time.

Seed Ball Kit

Seed Ball Seedlings

Seed Balls

Did you know that seed balls actually improve germination rates and success of seedlings? They are made with a mixture of compost and clay powder and are a favorite of guerrilla gardeners. This DIY seed ball kit makes over 200 seed balls that gardeners can customize with their favorite seed selections. They also make great gifts for Easter, Mother’s Day or wedding favors.

Bee House

Bamboo Bee House

Productive gardens need pollination and that can’t happen without bees! By adding a bee house near your garden, you can attract those amazing little pollinators to increase the size of your harvest. They make perfect gifts for gardeners in any location.

Mushroom Log Growing Kit

Shitake Mushroom Log Growing Kit
Growing your own mushrooms at home is so fun and easy. Mushrooms have a long harvesting season that can last for up to 16 weeks, giving you a lot of bang for your buck.  This ready to fruit shiitake mushroom log kit delivers ready to harvest mushrooms in as little as 4 days and is a great introduction into mushroom gardening with detailed instructions for beginners.

$25 – $50

Garden Apron

Gardening Apron

A master gardener needs an apron to get organized and stay clean while on the job. With multiple sized pockets for tools, space to store seed packets, a phone, pens and whatever else you need to keep track of, a garden apron can save you from misplacing important items.

Bamboo Trellis

Tepee Trellis

A garden trellis allows vine plants to use vertical space instead of taking up valuable garden real estate.  Plants are more productive and are protected from soil borne diseases. This bamboo teepee trellis folds up for winter storage and can be easily moved from season to season.

Terracotta Clay Pots

Terracotta Clay Pots
No potting shed would be complete without some classic terracotta planters.  Terracotta allows plant roots to receive the oxygen they need, making it an ideal pot for starting seedlings.  It also acts as a natural water regulator by absorbing water when the soil is very moist and releasing the moisture as the soil begins to dry out.  Terracotta planters will age up beautifully to give your garden a farmhouse feel. Here is a 15 pack of 8″ terracotta nursery pots from Amazon. And here is a 26 pack of 4″ pots!

Garden Markers

Custom Metal Garden Markers
Every gardener grows different types of plants, so it only makes sense to use customizable garden markers. Labeling the garden helps the gardener keep track of their garden layout as well as letting visitors know what type of vegetable, fruit, herb or flower is growing.

Galvanized Watering Can

Galvanized Watering Can
There are times when you just don’t feel like dragging out the hose. A portable watering can is perfect for small jobs and tender seedling that only need a gentle shower.

Bulb Planter

Bulb Planter
This handy tool makes digging holes for planting so quick and easy. It has a long handle so you won’t strain your back and can also be used to dig up weeds!

Minute soil compressed coco coir fibers

The one thing gardener’s just can’t enough of is potting soil. This block of coconut coir expands quickly when you add water to create a perfect growing medium for starting seeds.

Galvanized Metal Buckets

Galvanized Metal Buckets with Handles
Having some weatherproof buckets around the potting shed is a huge help.  They can be used to store tools or soil, for harvesting or as planters. This set of 2 farmhouse galvanized buckets with handles is so versatile in the garden!
Wooden Dibbler
Measure seed planting depth with speed and accuracy using a wooden dibbler.  The larger measurements can also be used for measuring plant spacing.

Kitchen Compost Bin

Compost bin
Creating compost from kitchen scraps and yard waste is a rewarding practice for your garden. Start with a small compost bin to collect all your discarded fruit and vegetables, then add them to your outdoor compost pile when the bin is full.

Seed Starting Tray

Seed Starting Tray with Humidity Dome
Starting seeds indoors is so fulfilling to the gardener’s soul and ends up saving money compared to buying nursery transplants.  It’s also an amazing teaching tool for children.  This seed starting tray with humidity dome allows seedlings to grow to a height of 6″ before they reach the top of the lid, which allows them to benefit from the warmth and humidity longer than some other seed starting kits. This is what professional gardeners and nurseries use!
These have standard commercial measurements so you can mix and match different sized cell tray inserts depending on what variety of plants you are growing. Here are some single celled trays, 2 celled trays, 4 celled trays, 6 celled trays and 12 celled trays (you need 8 per 144 cell tray). You can also use biodegradable peat pots instead of the reusable plastic tray inserts.

Soil Blocker

A soil blocker like this can be a huge time saver.  There are different sizes, but this one makes 4 soil cubes that are 2″ on each side.

Dust Pan and Brush

Dust pan and brush

Potting soil can make a huge mess and having a heavy duty dust pan and brush can make clean up simple and painless.

Heavy Duty Hose

Garden Hose

Don’t settle for a weak hose that will end up leaking before the season is out. Opt for a heavy duty garden hose that’s long enough to reach everywhere you need it to.

$50 – $100

Tool Storage Caddy

Garden tool caddy

Stay organized by keeping all your garden tools in one place! This portable garden tool storage caddy allows you to bring all your tools where you need them and simply roll them away when you’re done.

Waterproof Goulashes

Womens Rubber Rain Boots Goulashes
Tall waterproof rubber rain boots are durable, easy to clean and keep your feet warm and dry.  Having an adjustable calf size is a huge bonus!


Cold Frame Terrarium
Some tender plants need extra heat and humidity to thrive.  A terrarium or cold frame can protect young seedlings during the hardening off process as well as keep tropical houseplants happy inside. This mini greenhouse is almost 2 feet tall and can fit a wide variety of plants. The roof folds up and can be secured open during favorable weather.

Planter Stand

Contemporary Wooden Plant Stand
This sturdy wood plant stand can hold 10+ potted plants both inside or outdoors.

Over $100

Garden Cart, Wheelbarrow, Dolly

Wheelbarrow Garden Cart Dolly Wagon

This is truly a must have! An 8 in 1 multi-use wagon kit quickly transforms from a lightweight wheelbarrow into a yard cart, bag holder, dolly, extended dolly, cylinder carrier, rock/plant mover & trailer tote.

Wheelbarrow Garden Cart Dolly

Vermiculture Composter

Vermiculture Composter
Composting can be difficult for beginners, but with a vermicomposting container kit like this, you can succeed in making excellent compost from the start. Adding worms to compost speeds the process tremendously and makes the end product even richer.

Raised Bed Garden Kit

Raised Bed
A cedar raised bed is great for soil and plant health and makes it so easy to expand your garden space one bed at a time. Using a ready to assemble raised bed kit is the easiest way to get started.


Hobby Greenhouse
Extend the growing season with a poly-carbonate hobby greenhouse. They are virtually indestructible, retain heat and allow proper ventilation with manual or automatic roof vents to maximize plant growth and protect from inclement weather.

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