Welcome to my blog!

I am a frontierswoman at heart who cares a great deal about the environment, natural living and limiting our consumption and waste. It’s these principles that have lead me into the lifestyle I am now living as a homesteader.

Most of my hobbies extend from a wish to make my family and I healthier and more self-reliant. I’m just trying to be a better human and make an impact on the planet in the only way that’s within my control.

Why write a blog?

I love doing research (is that weird?). When I was in the third grade I did a report on Hillary Rodham Clinton completely of my own volition. I’ve always loved learning (not school, mind you, but learning). As an adult, my interests have changed but I still find myself researching topics that are relevant to my life.

I love gardening, cooking, homesteading, and being creative. One day my husband Ben came home from work and said “how was your day?” My reply – Ive been studying plant taxonomy and I learned the difference between monocots and dicots!

So I decided, if I’m going to spend all this time learning, reading, and experimenting, why not share it with someone else who might benefit from all my work and knowledge. I love hearing other people’s experiences before I dive into something new. It’s comforting and helps me know what to expect. That’s the goal here. Share experiences that might help prepare or inspire someone else for a new endeavor.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Your email wont be public.